Internet banking

Internet Banking

Online banking services are growing in popularity as more people use the internet and confidence in on line security grows.
All the major banks now offer internet banking accounts to enable their customers to access and control their Bank Accounts 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and this does not only apply to personal bank accounts, it also applies to online business banking as well.

What Online Facilities Are Available

* Access to your account enabling you to check transactions
* Checking statements
* Paying bills such as credit cards
* Transferring funds between bank accounts or savings accounts

Banks offering an online option include Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Halifax and Barclays to name but a few.
You should easily be able check if your current bank offers an on-line banking facility along with instructions on how to activate this by checking their website, contacting them by phone or by asking for a leaflet in branch. Always request full details as to what is included as not all banks provide the same benefits.

There are an increasing amount of internet banks ONLY available online, such as Egg and Smile, who also offer credit cards with rewards as part of their service.

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Updated on 3rd March, 2009

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