Unrecognized transactions

Many of the companies we buy from don't use recognisable entries on bank statements. Unless you are in the habit of recording your payments seperately, it can take some effort to find out who we have paid. If you need help identifying a transaction on your bank statement then check the list below. If you still can't find an answer then you should ring your bank's fraud department. In most cases they will be able to identify the company for you. If not, the fraud department will be able to begin proceedings to reclaim the money that has been debited from your account.

The transaction type is usually a good help in identifying unrecognized transactions. For example, a transaction type of 'DEB' usually indicates a debit card transaction. The description line may include the last four digits of the card used to help you identify who made the payment. You should check if the debit card is missing and if it is, notify your bank immediately.

Known Transaction Descriptions:

HFX - Halifax Bank
MAAS TERM 1 - Manchester Airport Terminal 1
MSFX@MANCHESTER - Marks and Spencers Currency Exchange Service

City Names

One of the following cities may be listed in the transaction description

1,”Aberdeen” 2,”Bath” 3,”Belfast” 4,”Birmingham” 5,”Bournemouth” 6,”Bradford” 7,”Brighton” 8,”Bristol” 9,”Cambridge” 10,”Cardiff” 11,”Chester” 12,”Coventry and Warks” 13,”Derby” 14,”Derry” 15,”Dundee” 16,”Edinburgh” 17,”Essex” 18,”Exeter” 19,”Falkirk and Stirling” 20,”Gateshead” 21,”Glasgow” 22,”Gloucestershire” 23,”Hull” 24,”Ipswich” 25,”Jersey” 26,”Leeds” 27,”Leicester” 28,”Lincolnshire” 29,”Liverpool” 30,”London North” 31,”London West” 32,”London South” 33,”London East” 34,”Kent” 35,”Manchester” 36,”Milton Keynes” 37,”Newcastle” 38,”Northampton” 39,”Norwich” 40,”Nottingham” 41,”Oxford” 42,”Peterborough” 43,”Plymouth” 44,”Portsmouth” 45,”Lancashire” 46,”Reading” 47,”Sheffield” 48,”Southampton” 49,”Stoke-on-Trent” 50,”Surrey” 51,”Swansea” 52,”Swindon” 53,”Teesside” 54,”Watford” 55,”Wolverhampton” 56,”Worcestershire” 57,”York”

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